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Hello Fellow Safety Professionals!

Today I was sitting with my friend and co-worker Erika. Like many before her, I was asked, “How do I get into safety?” I smiled remembering when I had no one to ask. When I did finally find some one I believed to be helpful; I was often met with a condescending look quickly followed by a laugh before getting the “ This is not something you can easily do.” comment. So, being the rebel that I am I started my quest to be “a safety person”.


I ran into brick walls, took classes that cost a fortune only to find that they did not offer certifications, researched colleges and universities that offered safety degree programs that carried inconvenient course schedules. Boy, was I frustrated. Then finally, I spoke with a gentleman that looked at me and said, “You are safety!” This gentleman took me by the hand and led me to the next mentor, who led me to my next mentor and before I knew it with their help, guidance, coaching and on some occasions serious constructive criticism, I too became a mentor in the world of safety professionals.


While speaking with the “Erika’s” of the safety profession, I thought to myself how can I do what my mentors did for me on a grander scale? How can I offer support, education, training, networking and employment opportunities to those interested in the safety profession and at the same time make it interesting and challenging to those that have been in the profession for years?


That’s when the old light bulb went off and I thought, “That’s it! The internet!” Now don’t start thinking, “Great another web site.” No, Warriors 4 Safety is not just another web site, it is your web site. This site is for you and about you, the safety professional. I would like to invite Erika’s, the mentors and those that want to have a better understanding of how safety is used as a tool in the workplace, at home and at play. So please join me in making this web site the way you would like to see the safety professionals of the world supported and portrayed.


Thank You,

Yorlanda Fisher, CSST
Founder of Warriors4Safety.Com










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