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Safety Professionals Need to Take Charge of Their Own Professional Development

By: Ron Parker


The Safety Professional today faces many challenges.  As a Safety Professional are you up to these challenges? 

It is all too often we come to work watching the clock.  We can’t wait until the day is over and glad there were no problems.

As a Safety Professional you must keep abreast of changing regulations that affect your job.  You have to be motivated, offering solutions.  You need to be able to recognize, evaluate and control risks on the job site.  You must be able to work with top management to control these risks.  Offering training, either on the spot or in a formal classroom setting will pay immense dividends.

A Safety Professional must work with laws and regulations, human behavior, education and training.  They use qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex systems, operations and activities to identify hazards, and then decide how to eliminate or control these hazards.

Safety Professionals who can demonstrate being competent will be in demand and should receive compensation above their colleagues.  Bottom line, you need to take charge of your own professional development. 





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