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Soil Classification


By Ron Parker STS, CHST


When digging in any soil for the purpose of trenching or excavating, the types of soil being dug has to be determined prior to being disturbed.  Soil classification shall be determined by a competent person.  We will discuss the types of soil.  Trenching and or excavating will be discussed in a later article.  Soil is classified in three types.  Type A, type B and Type C.  The soil can be made up of only one type or can have layers of two or three types.  This is important to know and understand and will enable you to apply what equipment is needed to do the job and what safety procedures to implement.

To further explain soil classification the following needs to be understood in order to properly classify soils.

The soil classification is a method of categorizing soil and rock deposits.  If you are a safety professional and are or will be involved with trenching or excavating I recommend thorough training in soil classification.




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