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Name and Position:Julio C. Ayala

Julio C. Ayala
HSE Specialist


Please tell us how you heard about W4S

Yolanda Fisher


Safety Training:

I've had extensive training from OSHA 30-10, CSST, OSHA 511, MSHA train the Trainer and currently working on CSP.


Why a career in Safety?

To be able and help others in this industry and hope one day to make a difference..


Biggest Accomplishment:

Making HSE Specialist for a good company. Being able to overcome much adversity and learn alot along the way.


Biggest disappointment:



Other Careers aside from safety:




I've had several mentors, listening to many site safety's and their stories. David Hernandez with Diamond refractory has always been a real big help. Also having the pleasure of working along side Yorlanda and learning some of her tips and tricks.



No matter what gets in your way keep pushing forward. Just make sure you have the right goals and your heart is in the right place. If its for the money take a step back and re-evaluate why.





Personal Passions:



Safety Passions:



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