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Name and Position:Lotosha Moses

Lotosha Moses


Please tell us how you heard about W4S

Yolanda Fisher


Safety Training:

This is a career change for me.  I have never been
in the field and would very much like to do so. 


Why a career in Safety?

I think the better question is "Why Not" a career in
safety because I have come to understand that what we think of as our common every day lives, that in itself is safety.  Without safety there is no life. Everything we do has to do with safety 


Biggest Accomplishment:

The biggest accomplishments are yet to come for me, but one of my greatest accomplishments so far has been making the decision to make a career change in this field.


Biggest disappointment:

My biggest disappoint this far is that I did not decide to do this years ago. Not that I am unhappy with what I was doing, I love it, but this is definitely something I want to perfect and go as far as life will allow.


Other Careers aside from safety:

I have spent the last 20 years as a Licensed Mortgage Broker, a profession I absolutely love.



No. I grew up in Texas City, TX literally right next door to the plants and refineries, I have always been interested and curious about what goes on in the refineries but thought as a female I couldn't do it because all I saw were men, very few women. It turned out I got into real estate and it took on a life of it's own all of those years so the first chance I got I did not hesitate to go for it.






Yes to give back.


Personal Passions:

I love anything that has to do with meeting people. I like plays, bowling, anything fun. Life is stressful enough if you let it be, so I try to find any reason to have fun, smile, and to make others smile.


Safety Passions:

All of it.  I want to learn all that my brain can hold.


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