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Safety Professional Profile

Thomas Allgood, Owner of Allgood Solutions (A Behavior Based Safety Company


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Name and Position:

Thomas Allgood, Owner of Allgood Solutions (A Behavior Based Safety Company)Thomas Allgood



Spent 4 years as International Papers internal consultant for behavior –based safety


Why a career in Safety?

I have seen both sides of injuries and also have seen the success of a BBS Process and how we can send everyone home safe each day.


What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Help bring a T.I.R down from a 6.1 to below a 1….. Took 4 years…


What is your biggest disappointment in your career?

Seeing the company that I was an in-house behavior based safety consultant for do cut backs and they cut back my job and the observations went from 12,000 a year to 100. So much work just set to the side as if it would take care of itself. The numbers speak for themselves. Observations go down, injuries go up.


Did you have any other careers aside from Safety?

I also work maintenance at a Paper Mill.


Did you have any mentors in the Safety Profession?  If so, how did they influence you?

Jeff Bell – Safety -Smurfit Stone – Fernandina Beach, FL
Jeff lost a son in a work place accident and I have watched him in his safety career working to reduce accidents with such a passion for safety. I still admire his work he does in safety and have also become good friends with Jeff.


What advice would you give to those that have a desire to enter the Safety profession?

Have a burning desire for it or stay out…It doesn’t work well any other way.


Are there any career goals you would like to reach before you leave the profession?


Go full time with my business, Allgood Solutions.







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