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Name and Position:Toosdiah Felder Nichols

Toosdiah Felder Nichols
Field Safety Technician


Please tell us how you heard about W4S

Yolanda Fisher


Safety Training:

Currently, my training includes being a student at San Jacinto College obtaining a degree in Occupational Safety and Health Technology.  I have my CSST and OSHA 30 hour training.  I have HAZWOPER and forklift training as well.


Why a career in Safety?

Why a career in safety, from the moment I stepped onto a construction site, I felt the area of safety was my calling.  I have a genuine concern for workplace safety and keeping workers safe.


Biggest Accomplishment:

My biggest accomplishment is my career so far was going back to school and getting my degree.  The hardest part was making the first step.  I faced lots of obstacles, but with one semester down I finished with a 3.00 G.P.A.  Yes, I am very pleased.


Biggest disappointment:

My biggest career disappointment was not starting as soon as I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I've mismanaged 4 years before making my first step in getting education on becoming a key component in workplace safety.


Other Careers aside from safety:

I was a Certified Nursing Assistant, which I loved, but became burned out after 8 years.  Prior to that, I was head cook at a restaurant for 5 years, which was also very rewarding a a lot of fun.



I have two safety mentors who keep me balanced and have helped guide and shape my career.  I would not be where I am in my career if it were not for them.  I truly owe them a debt of gratitude.



The advice I would give anyone seeking a career in the safety profession is 1.  know who you are and what you stand for, 2.  Never stop learning, the field of safety is constantly evolving and 3.  Love what you do, safety can be challenging but well worth being a part of.



I have several goals I would like to reach before my career ends.  One being a global part of the next level in the safety movement.  Traveling to less fortunate countries educating employers and workers on how production can also be achieved safely.


Personal Passions:

I am a member of Gulf Coast Chapter of A.S.S.E. and Students at San Jacinto College.  My hobbies are traveling, reading, dancing and most water-related activities including dancing in the rain.  I have a great sense of humor and I'm a social butterfly.  I love to know people and world history.


Safety Passions:

The area of safety I am the most passionate about is construction.  My father was an iron-worker before he retired, so I've come to understand this area more than others.


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