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Yorlanda Fisher

Founder/CEO, Safety Warriors, LLC

Your Consultant

Yorlanda grew in a family of workers, most of her relatives are into construction and medical field. Through the years, Yorlanda can’t help but notice that the companies whom she worked with, still records accidents even to the fact that these companies were OSHA certified.

Yorlanda realized the need for more safety training, particularly in the construction industry. Because of this, she started the company with the help and guidance of her mentors. She is a woman and part of a minority, which is uncommon in the industry. Against these odds, she was able to create a thriving business through her commitment and dedication.

There will always be a risk of accidents happening in the workplace, especially in industries such as construction. You can minimize this by having Safety Warriors, LLC provide safety training for your workers.

Safety Warrior’s services are available worldwide.


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